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Obesity is a complex disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach that centers on prevention, education, treatment and follow-up. Our Monterrey, Mexico-based team of surgeons provide exceptional weight loss treatments at affordable rates.

Dr. Francisco J. Barrera Rodríguez

Board Certified Surgeon Specializing in Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Barrera Rodriguez received his medical degree from the University of Monterrey and graduated with honors from the General Surgery Residency Program at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Mexico, Hospital General de Mexico (General Hospital of Mexico). A year later, successfully completed the Bariatric Surgery & Advanced Laparoscopy Fellowship at the Hospital Central Militar (Central Military Hospital) in Mexico City. He is devoted to helping patients and committed to give them the opportunity to improve their health and quality of life in a safe and efficient way.

He has successfully provided weight loss treatments for local and international patients for over a decade with more than 7,000 surgeries performed.

CEDULA NUMBERS: Medicine 3407599 & Specialty 4892392

Dr. Sergio J. Lopez Martinez

Board Certified Surgeon Specializing in Laparoscopy and Endoscopy

Dr. Lopez Martinez pursued his medical degree at the University of Monterrey and graduated from the General Surgery Residency Program from the Metropolitan Hospital of Monterrey. Afterwards, he attended Mexico’s most prestigious hospital for postgraduate surgery and gastrointestinal endoscopy, Hospital GEA Gonzalez. There, he completed the Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery, the sub-specialty in Diagnostic & Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, and the postgraduate Gastrointestinal Motility course. He firmly believes patients deserve the best attention and care so he passes this along to his patients with a great sense of commitment in an ethical way.

A leading Bariatric Endoscopist with 12 yrs of practice, with more than 6000 endoscopic procedures and 1000 gastric surgeries in Mexico.

CEDULA NUMBERS: Medicine 3407599 & Specialty 4892392

Dr. Marco A. Rojas Navarro

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Dr. Rojas Navarro successfully completed his medical degree and graduated with honors from the University of Monterrey. After graduation, he pursued and completed the Anesthesiology Residency Program at the renowned Christus Muguerza Hospital. While at Christus Muguerza, he served as chief of residents. Currently, he participates as a Clinical Tutor in Anesthesiology. He has experience in difficult bariatric airway management and intubation. What he likes the most about his profession is the opportunity to help maintain the well-being of his patients before, during, and after any surgical procedure. At the same time as he provides great attention and promotes adequate conditions for the surgeons to help them achieve an optimal and safe surgical procedure.

He has been in practice for over 10 years and has administered more than 7000 anesthetics.

CEDULA NUMBERS: Medicine 4967786 & Specialty 7840318

Dr. Omar Mohamed Torres

Internal Medicine

Biography coming soon.

Maricela Garcia Gonzalez

Nutritionist – Bariatric Specialist & Master in Diabetes Education

​LN Garcia Gonzalez graduated with honors from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. From there, she received a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and later pursued postgraduate studies in diabetes and nutrition. She later received a certificate as a diabetes educator. Afterwards, she attended the University of Buenos Aires Argentina for the Level 1 ISAK Anthropometry Course. In 2015, she finalized the program in Specialized Nutrition for Obesity Surgery at the CMCOEM (Mexican School for Weight Loss Surgery and Metabolic Disease). What she loves most about her profession is to help modify her patients eating habits through a healthy and adequate diet, with real and achievable goals in order to avoid, improve, and prevent any sickness in the present and future.

Garcia Gonzalez has been in practice since 2013 and she is up to date in areas related to nutrition, diabetes and weight-loss surgery.

Dr. Ingrid Calvo Zuckerman

Board Certified Psychiatrist, Specializing in Bariatric Psychology

​Dr. Ingrid studied medicine at the “Universidad Autonoma of San Luis Potosi”, considered among the top 3 Universities in the country. She graduated in Psychiatry at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon after completing a four-year program, afterwards completed a Masters degree in couple’s and family psychotherapy. In the subsequent years obtained the Crisis Intervention Diploma and the Bariatric Psychology Diploma. She is a committed and empathetic doctor who wants their patients to be heard and understood.

Dr. Zuckerman is available for some of our patients that may need her assistance. Please contact the Patient Coordinator for more information.

Our Coordinators

Our coordinators serve as your concierge. They handle the scheduling of your treatment as well as make all your hotel accommodations and transportation arrangements in Monterrey. The coordinator team will work with you extensively to make sure your trip to Monterrey Mexico for affordable gastric surgery is hassle-free and comfortable. Both of our coordinators are natives of Monterrey and know everything you need to know about one of Mexico’s great cities.

Nydia Barrera

International Patient Coordinator
English Language Coordinator

Patricia Luna

Local Patient Coordinator
Spanish Language Coordinator