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Deposit and Booking For Your Treatment

  • A security deposit of $200 USD is required to be paid to Monterrey Gastro and Bariatric Group (MGBG) in order to schedule and to secure your appointments and reservations needed for the medical procedure.
  • The security deposit may be waived by providing flight confirmations for scheduled patient(s).

Payment Information

  • Final pricing for any weight loss procedure provided by the MGBG will be given in Mexican pesos. Any pricing given in United States dollars is only an estimate, and is subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Cash Payments: If you pay for your weight loss procedure in United States dollars, MGBG will convert the agreed price from Mexican pesos to United States dollars by using the official exchange rate from MGBG’s banking institution on the day of payment.
  • Credit & Debit Card Payments: If the patient elects to pay with a credit or debit card, the patient will be charged in Mexican pesos. A processing fee of 3.25% will be added. The patient’s banking or credit card institution will convert the total payment into United States dollars based upon the official exchange rate they used. The patient’s institution may levy foreign transaction fees. MGBG is not responsible for any foreign transaction fees that the patient may incur.
  • Wire Transfers: If the patient chooses to pay via a wire transfer, the wire transfer must be completed before any pre-operative services are rendered. It is important that the patient consults with his or her banking institution to learn how fast international wire transfers to Mexican banking institutions can be processed. For further instructions, the patient should consult with the Patient Coordinator.
  • Insurance: Even though our facility is a part of the CHRISTUS Health System, an American-based international healthcare provider, we do not accept American insurance.
  • Financing: MGBG does not offer payment arrangements directly. However, patients may opt to apply for financing with either of our medical financing partners. Patients are encouraged to contact the Patient Coordinator for more information. If you choose to secure financing through one of our medical financing partners, a 3% fee will be applied.

Cancellations, Postponement, and Refunds

  • If a procedure is CANCELLED or POSTPONED due to a medical condition discovered during the pre-operative period, or if it’s determined that the operation cannot proceed due to safety reasons, or if a patient failed to follow the pre-operative instructions given by the medical staff, a full refund for any payment made to MGBG towards the surgery package will be reimbursed minus any costs incurred by MGBG, included but not limited to transportation, hotel accommodations, pre-operative test(s), consultations fees, and any card processing fees.
  • If a client CANCELS the surgery within 15 days or less before the original surgery date, for any reason, this will result in the loss of the entire amount of any security deposit made to MGBG towards the surgery package.
  • If a client POSTPONES the surgery within 15 days or less before the original surgery date, for any reason, any security deposit made to MGBG towards the surgery package will be used as credit towards a future surgery.
  • If the client CANCELS or POSTPONES the surgery within 30 days prior to the original surgery date then a full refund of any payment made to MGBG towards the surgery package will be granted.
  • If a surgery is rescheduled, all cancellation rules and policies apply to the original scheduled date.
  • All cancellations must be received by The Shape You Want coordinator in writing via email.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing refunds.
  • In the event that collections are necessary, the cost/fees incurred by The Shape You Want (a division of MGBG) will be applied to your balance owed.