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A journey that will change your life

Traveling to Mexico

Get up-to-speed on important travel information. Learn more why Monterrey is the perfect place to have your lifechanging weight loss procedure.

We are there for you

The Shape You Want will be there with you from the moment you arrive. We will provide all the resources and support that you need to guarantee a top quality and worry-free medical tourism experience that only one of the best cities in Mexico can offer. Monterrey is and should be your top destination when considering any health care procedure in Mexico. It’s quality of life and beautiful location by the mountains of Northeastern Mexico makes this city an ideal destination for foreign patients, especially for Americans that need to pay out-of-pocket for their health care and medical needs.

Why consider medical tourism

Medical tourism has increased considerably during the past few years in response to the obscene prices of medical services that most of our patients deal with in their home countries. Nevertheless, this new trend continues to provide our patients with a more attentive, positive experience in medical treatment. You can only get this improved level of care when you choose the right team that provides the perfect combination of great medical expertise, great customer service, and top quality facilities.

Even though Monterrey has a reputation of being one of the more expensive cities in Mexico, our healthcare costs are still significantly lower than comparable world cities. This advantage enables us to provide superior health care at a considerably lower cost. Our patients can pay as little as one-third of what they would normally pay in their own country for that same treatment and still receive the same level of care.

Weight loss surgery in Monterrey, Mexico

Let’s be honest: surgeries are expensive and weight loss surgery is not immune to this reality. The process of obtaining insurance coverage for this type of procedure is often tedious and lengthy; in most cases, unfortunately, coverage is denied. Many of our patients don’t want to pay out-of-pocket for such expensive treatments in their own countries, but they do have the power to afford and willing to pay for premium health care at a lower price.

Monterrey’s convenient location and proximity to the U.S. provides our patients the opportunity to visit us easily and quickly by air. In less than 2 hours, you can land at Monterrey International Airport (IATA: MTY) from any major airport in Texas. In fact, all major airlines offer flights into Monterrey. There are even numerous daily direct flights available from Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.

Many of our Texan patients prefer to arrive by land — which is a fine choice. We even recommend the option of arriving by bus! Our staff can pick you right when you arrive at the Monterrey Central Bus Station. This is a great option for patients that are located within driving distance from Monterrey.

Even though you are responsible for making your travel arrangements to arrive in Monterrey, we can still be of assistance. We will help you determine what is the best way to visit us in Monterrey.

Our all-inclusive weight loss surgery packages include everything that you need from the moment you arrive in Monterrey. Thus, we take care of everything for you. All you have to do is prepare for your treatment and experience the great service and attention that we are known for. Our packages include local transportation, hospital and hotel stay, surgery and anesthesia, consultations, pre-surgery tests, nutritionist evaluation, psychological support, medications and even your bariatric supplement. To lean more about our packages and prices click here.

Easy scheduling process

Call us for a consultation. Set a date for your treatment. Arrive to Monterrey. Experience great medical care. Head home happy.
Call us for a consultation.
Set a date for your treatment.
Arrive to Monterrey.
Experience great medical care.
Head home happy.

Once you are ready to start your weight loss surgery journey, all you have to do is contact us to schedule your consultation. Once you decide on a preferred travel date, make sure you have your passport ready and let us know how you choose to arrive so we can prepare your itinerary. We will schedule all your consultations and make the reservations necessary for your successful medical tourism visit to Monterrey.

Follow up after surgery

Our support and care doesn’t stop once our patient gets back home, we encourage and intend to maintain open communication with our patients after their procedures. We are only a phone call, a message, or an email away, and we are always happy to guide and support our patients as they reach and get close to their healthy weight goal and even as they learn to live their life after weight loss surgery. A support group is always helpful and we want to be your support group in this important life changing experience.

Getting ready to travel to Mexico


We need to make sure you are ready for your trip. This starts with your passport. If you are a United States citizen, your valid US passport will grant you entry into Mexico. If you don’t have one or if your passport is expired, you can click here to learn how to apply or renew your US passport.

Visitors from other countries may require more than just their passports to enter Mexico; in some cases, residents holding passports from other countries may need to apply for a visa to enter Mexico. To see the list of countries that are exempt and do not require a Mexican visa to visit Mexico please click here.

If you do not hold a passport from any of the countries that are except visas you will need to apply for a visa before planning your trip to Mexico.


The Mexican Peso is the currency that is used throughout the country. The quote for your surgery will be provided in Mexican pesos; we will give you a close estimate in US dollars. On the day of your payment, your price in pesos will remain the same but your estimated surgery price in dollars may slightly change due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

US dollars can easily be exchanged for Mexican pesos during your visit. You can also use your bank debit or credit cards at local ATM machines. Depending on your financial institution, there may be small fees associated with this service. Please contact your financial institution to learn more about their fees.

What to pack

Not sure what to bring? Keep in mind that you want to be comfortable. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes and underwear are recommended; also, warm socks, slippers, and shoes that you can easily put on. As far as personal items, we suggest you bring your cell phone, charger, tablet, as well as any reading device or reading material such as books or magazines. In addition, please don’t forget to bring your reading glasses, a pen, and some paper.

For your hygiene items, you can consider bringing deodorant, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, tissues, wet wipes, lip balm, Gas-X strips and any medication or travel medical device that you are currently using.

Learn more about Monterrey

Monterrey is the third most populous city in Mexico and the heart of the largest Mexican metropolitan area near the United States. Monterrey is nothing like any other border city; it is a vibrant, safe, cosmopolitan city that offers all the best in the world. Its high living standards also enable us to provide the best of everything.